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The Maury

This is a natural sweet wine (fermentation is stopped thus keeping the grape sugars). The Maury vineyards are protected to the north by the chain of Corbières and the south by the mountains of Pyrenees. The aromas of this wine are fine and complex: notes of cocoa, roasting, prune or candied fruit, orange and honey...

The plancha

Invented in Spain, plancha used to cook food on a stainless steel coating heated to very high temperatures. Evaporation is ultimately much more slowly, thus keeping all the taste of the product.

The carpaccio

From Italy this preparation is to finely slice fruit, meat or raw fish, and then the seasoning. The beef carpaccio was served to us with a dash of pesto, parmesan, salt and pepper. Another way to discover the taste of the product!

Tonka bean

It is the fruit of teak, tropical tree from Venezuela and Brazil. Dried for 1 year before being marketed, the bean develops subtle and complex flavors of vanilla and caramel. It is used grated or infused, mostly for desserts.

Dulcey chocolate

On a blonde color, Dulcey chocolate reveals a creamy and enveloping texture. It consists of white chocolate and 32% cocoa. Its notes of biscuits and milk jam bring a slight sweetness.

The Sambarino

Cocoa liquor recipe is produced from cocoa beans from Africa chosen for their quality and which have been fermented, dried, roasted and separated from their skins. It can be enjoyed as a digestif on ice or used in the preparation of desserts.